Leadership Summit 2015

Leadership Summit 2015

Announcing 2015-16 International Board

Executive Staff
President: Charles Andrean
Vice President of Education: William Tan
Vice President of Expansion: Christopher Chen
Vice President of External Affairs: Jason Lau
Vice President of Operations: Joe Vo
Secretary: Bryan Dosono

Supporting Staff: Communications Team
Director of Administration: Brenda Dang
Public Relations Coordinator: Andy Yang

Supporting Staff: Education Team
Education Administrator: Toubee Yang
Education Administrator: Joshua Wells
Education Administrator: Marcus Regidor
Education Administrator: Bryan Kwon

Supporting Staff: Expansion Team
Expansion Coordinator: Alvin Phun
Expansion Coordinator: Matthew Chan
Expansion Coordinator: George Pai

Supporting Staff: Operations Team
Director of Chapter Development: Victoria Chan
Standards Chair: Victor Em
Mid-Atlantic Governor: Andrew Chen
Midwest Governor: Billy Lau
Northeast Governor: Jacky Man
Southeast Governor: Duc Doan
Southwest Governor: Tony Tran

Supporting Staff: Programming Team
Alumni Chair: Jason Kang
Event Coordinator: Korbone Fong
Event Coordinator: Danny Luong

Board of Directors
Paul L. Nguyen, Chair
Wilson Tam, Vice Chair
Simon Eng
Kuan-Ren Su
Joe Lee
Isaac Chung
Richard Tran

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