Academic Achievement

Scholarship Opportunities

PodiumThe academic success of the fraternity members is a top priority of Lambda Phi Epsilon, and the opportunities that the organization provides to its members reflect its commitment to this goal. Lambda Phi Epsilon understands that its members are students first and provides both resources and recognition to those who excel and improve their academic standings. Each chapter helps further its members’ professional development and leadership skills necessary to succeed in both school and life. It is the fraternity’s goal to prepare the next generation of revolutionary leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a constantly changing competitive world. Every Lambda will be impelled to see learning as a lifelong pursuit and will be fully equipped with the tools, leadership, and mindset necessary to pursue their passions and dreams that lie ahead.


Lambda Phi Epsilon offers three different scholarships to outstanding brothers who have shown that they have gone above and beyond the call of duty while maintaining excellent academic standing within their respective universities.


  • Rising Leaders Among Men: The Rising Leaders Among Men Scholarship recognizes exceptional leadership ability and achievement towards members’ first year as an active after completing their JA semester. This scholarship recognizes outstanding initiative amongst new brothers.
  • Academic Excellence: The Academic Excellence Scholarship recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and who encourages others to strive for similar goals. This scholarship is designed to encourage and promote academic achievement among brothers.
  • Lambda of the Year: The Lambda of the Year Scholarship recognizes distinguished fraternity members who epitomize the organization’s mission statement. This level of recognition is the highest honor to be conferred upon an active member to honor true leaders among men.

Rising Leader Among Men

• 2022-2023: Jun Seo Lee (Virginia)
• 2021-2022: Eric Rao (UNC Chapel Hill)
• 2020-2021: Daniel Patton (Florida State)
• 2019-2020: Kacee Truong (Kansas)
• 2018-2019: Dimetrius Anderson (Syracuse)
• 2017-2018: Vishaal Pillai (NC State University)
• 2016-2017: Justin Lo (NC State University)
• 2015-2016: Jason Huang (Virginia)
• 2014-2015: John Huang (Syracuse)
• 2013-2014: Rob Resma (Stanford)
• 2012-2013: Benson Tang  (Berkeley)
• 2011-2012: David Huynh (Stanford)
• 2010-2011: Bilal Shah (Baruch)
• 2009-2010: Vang Xiong (Stanford)

Academic Excellence

• 2022-2023: Aaron Chambers (Oklahoma State)
• 2021-2022: Steven Nguyen (FSU)
• 2020-2021: Josh Nguyen (DePaul)
• 2019-2020: Saad Khan (RIT)
• 2018-2019: Brady Pham (Nebraska)
• 2017-2018: Tanner Nguyen (Nebraska)
• 2016-2017: Jon Wang (Stanford)
• 2015-2016: Richard Young (Virginia)
• 2014-2015: Jeff Lu (Rutgers)
• 2013-2014: Daryl Xu (Chicago)
• 2012-2013: Calvin Tuong (Stanford)
• 2011-2012: Michael Kim (Virginia)
• 2010-2011: Perry Wong (Baruch)
• 2009-2010: Jason Lee (Baruch)


Lambda of the Year

• 2022-2023: Logan Taylor (Virginia)
• 2021-2022: Connor Noble (Virginia)
• 2020-2021: Jonathan Liao (UNC)
• 2019-2020: Antonio Lozano (Washington)
• 2018-2019: Hein San (Syracuse)
• 2017-2018: Valentino Gorospe IV (Cal Poly SLO)
• 2016-2017: Brian Van (DePaul)
• 2015-2016: Ryan Noble (VTech)
• 2014-2015: Marvin Sukhhiran (Binghamton)
• 2013-2014: Nam Doan (Arlington)
• 2012-2013: Robert Chen (Berkeley)
• 2011-2012: Vang Xiong (Stanford)
• 2010-2011: Bryan Dosono (Washington)
• 2009-2010: Ken Yee (Baruch)


Personal Development

Conference Funding

To honor the memory of one of our fallen brothers, Jack Phoummarath, Lambda Phi Epsilon will offer financial support to undergraduate members who seek to improve themselves and their chapters by attending Greek leadership conferences. These conferences are an opportunity to learn, network and experience the greater interfraternal community and the greater Asian American community beyond their campus. Partners like the North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) and the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV) develop and run regional and national programs geared at members in different phases of their undergraduate careers. At these conferences, students will receive training in areas relevant to being a productive and valued member of the Greek community and Asian American community, such as leadership, risk management, recruitment, retention, identity and social awareness. We are offering the Jack Phoummarath Memorial Scholarship as a way to help defray the costs associated with attending a leadership conference, such as registration, housing and transportation, thereby allowing members to benefit from these experiences.


To learn more and apply for the Jack Phoummarath Memorial Scholarship, please download the application.

New Member Education


Lambda Phi Epsilon is excited to introduce its membership development program! The Noble Brother program has two primary goals. The first is to integrate new members into the larger fraternity. This includes the teaching of the Fraternity mission, vision and core values, Fraternity ritual and lore, and awareness of the Fraternity’s history and purpose as a historically Asian-interest organization. The second is to foster the personal development of Lambda Phi Epsilon new members, improving their individual/social awareness and leadership skills.


The Education Team has created the Noble Brother program alongside higher education professionals, growth consultants, and experts in the fraternal industry. Comprised of four educational themes divided into twelve lessons, the Noble Brother program appropriately situates and prepares a new member for taking his first steps towards brotherhood.


The Noble Brother program embodies the Fraternity’s mission, vision, and core values and it will have a positive impact on any student seeking fraternity membership. For questions related to the Noble Brother program or its implementation, please contact the Director of Education

Curriculum Outline

I. The Fraternity Experience

a. True Purpose
b. Fraternity History
c. Building Community

II. In Eternal Brotherhood

a. Trust & Vulnerability
b. Family & Heritage
c. Teamwork

III. Leaders Among Men

a. Effective Communication
b. Spheres of Influence
c. Responsibility & Risk Management

IV. Identity Development

a. Define Yourself
b. Stereotypes & Privilege
c. Professionalism


Trademark and Licensing

ApparelLambda Phi Epsilon is the exclusive owner of its trademarks. In order to safeguard the appropriate use of our federally registered trademarks and to guarantee quality products, Lambda Phi Epsilon is one of many Greek organizations that have entered into a trademark licensing agreement with Affinity Consultants. All commercial use of Lambda Phi Epsilon’s trademarks must be administered through a license agreement with Lambda Phi Epsilon. We encourage members to support our organization and buy exclusively from officially licensed Lambda Phi Epsilon vendors listed at


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