Orientation 2020

Group photo of chapter presidents at Luxor Resort

Orientation 2020

Las Vegas, Nevada — Lambda Phi Epsilon chapter leaders across North America convened over the Martin Luther King Day weekend to refine the skills necessary to lead their undergraduate chapters for Orientation 2020. “A brotherhood that endures” became a central theme for the gathering as conversations centered around the long term growth and foundation of the organization.

District Governors facilitated break out sessions with Chapter Presidents within their local region to begin planning meaningful programming events for the upcoming year. The Executive Cabinet of the International Board presented skill shares on a variety of strategic topics that include engaging in proactive expansion, managing academic strategies, collaborating with cultural organizations, and strengthening advising relationships.

“The opportunity to network with Lambdas from different chapters, seeing faces old and new, and getting to know our esteemed International Board members was unreal,” said University of Washington Chapter President CJ Hon. “I am lucky to have the privilege to spend a weekend in an incredible city and even more lucky to discover novel ways to improve my own chapter while gaining knowledge from leaders and alumni. I firmly believe that as Leaders Among Men, great things are yet to come.”

New Member Educators received their own specialized training, as the Fraternity continues its implementation of the Noble Brother Program. “Our organization has invested significant resources on curriculum development and member education training,” said Education Administrator Zhi Hu. “As we approach our next phase of educational transition, we’re excited to expand a greater vision for integrating new members into the brotherhood.”

Over 120 registered fraternity leaders contributed to the organization’s presence at the Luxor Resort. “Seeing chapter leaders eager to take on the current trials in the fraternal landscape makes serving on the International Board even more rewarding,” said Programming Director Ian Galope. “After the conclusion of this training, I can confidently say that these leaders are ready to take on their unique challenges facing their chapters and their local community.”

2020 International Board

Board of Directors
President: William Tan
Internal Vice President: David Kim
External Vice President: Bryan Dosono
Treasurer: Ferris Elestwani
Secretary: David Quach

Executive Cabinet
Executive Director: Zac Antonius
Director of Alumni Services: Lorne Baker
Director of Communications: Michelle Leung
Director of Education: Vang Xiong
Director of Events: Ian Galope
Director of Expansion: Van Dao
Director of Operations: Calvin Guo

Communications Team
Social Media Coordinator: Derek Koh
Graphic Designer: Nic Garza

Education Team
Education Administrator: Aldrin Godoy
Education Administrator: Zhi Hu
Education Administrator: Andy Nguyen
Education Administrator: Tanner Nguyen
Education Administrator: Jacky Sirithanto

Expansion Team
Expansion Coordinator: Hien Le
Expansion Coordinator: Dante Leeseberg
Expansion Coordinator: Jimmy Luu
Expansion Coordinator: Kyrell Wright

Operations Team
Southern California Governor: Valentino Gorospe
Northern California Governor: Latrell Cabrigas
Pacific Northwest Governor: Paolo De Guzman
Southern Texas Governor: Christopher Torres
Texoma Governor: Austin Vo
Central Governor: Ray Luc
Great Lakes Governor: Brian Van
Deep South Governor: Joel Botardo
Carolinas Governor: Matthew Wright
Shenandoah Governor: Benjamin Hyde
DC Governor: Jonathon Choe
Pennsylvania Governor: LJ Kim
New York Gotham Governor: Wesley Mark
Upstate New York Governor: Hein San
New England Governor: Kevin Yeung
Canadian Governor: Brandon Ng


Media Contact
Zachary Antonius
Executive Director

About Lambda Phi Epsilon
Founded in 1981 at Los Angeles, California, Lambda Phi Epsilon International Fraternity, Inc. has grown to become the world’s largest Asian-interest fraternity. Lambda Phi Epsilon (ΛΦΕ, also known as LFE) aims to guide men on a lifelong discovery of authenticity and personal growth. To learn more, visit https://lambdaphiepsilon.com.

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