Message from the 21st International President

Message from Mr. David J. Kim, 21st International President

Message from the 21st International President

Lambda Phi Epsilon is currently at another infliction point. Fraternity leadership has spent tremendous efforts in successfully changing the perception of our organization from being a fraternity known for its controversial past to the forward-thinking and acting brotherhood it is now. It is time for LFE to take the next step in becoming a leading organization that truly provides tangible, lifelong value to its membership and is highlighted for having courageous, ambitious men that give back to our collective community.

I strongly believe that the fraternity is ready to take this next step. Working with the Board and the Executive Director, we pledge to focus on three specific priorities:

1. Improving our “Product” to our Membership and Community: The Fraternity will focus on researching other successful nonprofit organizations and begin to act on practical and reasonable projects such as hosting and sponsoring community service events in 5 different major metroplexes as well as creating and maintaining a database for job opportunities and small business promotion.

2. Raising Fraternal Operations: Lambda Phi Epsilon will take on a proactive approach to ensure the Noble Brother Program is being followed to reduce liability. There will be more updates from the board to the active and alumni membership as well as professional development workshops for the IB volunteers.

3. Modernize our Financials: Currently, there are no clear KPI metrics nor reports that show the overall health of the organization. We will identify the KPI’s that the fraternity should be measuring and monitoring as well as create any necessary reports that will allow us to make better strategic decisions moving forward.

We are the largest Asian interest fraternity. It is about time that we utilize and act as such.


David J. Kim
President, Board of Directors
Lambda Phi Epsilon International Fraternity, Inc.

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