Founders Week 2020

Founders Week 2020

In celebration of Lambda Phi Epsilon International Fraternity’s 39th Anniversary, members and friends of the International Fraternity shared how they and their chapter embody Lambda Phi Epsilon’s core values on social media.

This year, 24 chapters actively engaged in sharing #LFEFOUNDERSWEEK content on social media:  @arlingtonlambdas, @baylorlambdas, @bufflambdas, @dpu_lphie, @fsulphie, @gmulphie, @kansaslambdas, @lincolnlambdas, @msulphie, @ncsulphie, @neulambdas, @oklahomalambdas, @purduelambdas, @ritlambdas, @syracuselambdas, @umasslambdas, @umbclambdas, @unclambdas, @uvalphie, @uwlambdas, @vculphie, @vtlphie, @wazzulambdas, @wisconsinlphie.

#LFEFoundersweek 6: Wisdom
Lessons in life will repeat until they are learned. To be wise is to take those lessons and apply them to the world around you. To share experiences and to grow together. Because we always learn faster in groups then studying by ourselves.
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Core value: Courageous Leadership.
As “Leaders Among Men,” we have to be courageous and take a step forward before anyone else. #LFEFoundersWeek

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#LFEfoundersweek Week: Authenticity

Today we would like to thank our charter class for teaching us what it truly means to become authentic individuals and leaders among men since the start.
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#LFEFoundersWeek Day 3 Courageous Leadership: Courageous Leadership is defined as “Integrity through action towards a more humane world, especially in times of adversity.” Here at UMBC, we strive to be leaders all around and no one is above anyone. We always step up when its time especially if things are not going the way we plan. We aspire to continue to have a positive impact to our community and university. ...

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In celebration of ΛΦΕ's upcoming 39th Anniversary, we encourage members and friends of the International Fraternity to share how they and their chapter embody Lambda Phi Epsilon's 5 core values by tagging #LFEFoundersWeek on social media!
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Our brotherhood means we love each other for who we are, while striving for improvement every day. The memories we make are timeless and the family is forever. As a chapter, we will hold these values for the rest of our lives. Be unapologetically you.
#LFEFoundersWeek #authenticity

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l o v e // the love for our chapter is unreal. We treat each other like family and are always here for one another. This love for each other ripples on to others in our community. Brotherhood forever. 💙#LFEfoundersweek ...

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🐉 #LFEFoundersWeek 🐉
Care and respect for oneself, the brotherhood, and the world. Moreover, having love for your brothers is paramount in establishing and maintaining an environment that helps a chapter and individuals grow.

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As a fraternity, we strive to be a positive example for everyone around us. Our experiences make us who we are, unique in our own ways. Our brothers take pride in passing on the knowledge to future generations makes the world a better place!

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