Alumni AdviceThank you for your interest in supporting Lambda Phi Epsilon International Fraternity, Inc. The organization is driven to provide world-class opportunities to its members. Private support funds the ongoing development of Lambda Phi Epsilon services and programs. Financial contributions provide undergraduate members with travel assistance to mandatory trainings, funding for student scholarship awards, improved coordination of fraternity events, and fuel for continuous expansion efforts that continue to make this organization thrive as the largest Asian-interest fraternity in the world. Private investment also symbolizes a significant vote of confidence in the work and the potential of the Lambda Phi Epsilon from our alumni, friends, volunteers, parents, faculty, and current active members. Please contact our Fraternity Treasurer to arrange a financial donation today.

LiFE Institute

NotesThe Alumni Corps intends to make lifelong training the cornerstone of Lambda Phi Epsilon. We believe that our members can debate ad infinitum as to what constitutes the true Lambda Man, and each brother will ultimately reach their own individual conclusions. What we can all agree on is that Lambdas should never be complacent, but rather always introspective and self improving. In the absence of Men’s Studies courses around the country, men are leading less fulfilled lives and could benefit from enlightened, guided, introspective Man Training. Now comes LiFE Institute, which will create educational workshops to help our members grow as men, fathers, husbands, professionals, dutiful sons, and as people. As men, we have both our strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, LiFE Institute will approach self improvement with the unique perspective of a man in mind. The hallmark of our greatness will be our vigilance in improving ourselves to be the best we can be as Leaders Among Men.

  • SeminarMarch 9, 2013 – UC Berkeley, Delta Chapter – “Would the Real Lambda Man Please Stand Up!”
  • May 25, 2013 – Lambda Phi Epsilon National Convention – “Would the Real Lambda Man Please Stand Up!”
  • May 25, 2013 – Lambda Phi Epsilon National Convention – “Old Timers’ Panel – Know Your Roots”
  • May 25, 2013 – Lambda Phi Epsilon National Convention – “How to Fund Your Start-up”
  • May 25, 2013 – Lambda Phi Epsilon National Convention – “Leadership, LFE, and the Military”
  • May 25, 2013 – Lambda Phi Epsilon National Convention – “Financial Planning for Lambdas”


source site NetworkingThe Alumni Division of Lambda Phi Epsilon National Fraternity, Inc. shall be comprised of Regional Alumni Associations or “RAAs” (the Alumni equivalent of a Chapter). RAAs will provide services to all alumni living in any one particular area regardless of their alma mater. Alumni are encouraged to get involved now in their RAA. Thus far, those involved in the local RAAs are reporting significant increases in life satisfaction.


Alumni strive to promote Lambda Phi Epsilon and its brothers by: developing active members to become leaders through training and hands-on experience, to advance personal growth, and to achieve academic excellence; perpetuating leadership of our alumni members in the community, creating opportunities, and encouraging the spirit of fellowship; and promoting positive Asian American awareness and providing the highest level of philanthropy in the community. buy essays online  

Typical services provided by the RAAs to members will include:


  • Professional networking opportunities (career panels, business circle lunches, networking events)
  • Social events (holiday dinner, wine lovers group, happy hour, date night)
  • Mentorship events (mentorship program, apprentice programs)
  • Personal and professional development courses (LiFE Institute)
  • Chapter specific events (UC Berkeley Founders Day)
  • Community service events (Habitat for Humanity)
  • Business to business discounts (Lambda Garage)
  • Information dissemination (announcements of local Asian festivals and conferences; exposure to other community based Asian groups)

Regional Associations

BallroomThe Lambda Phi Epsilon Constitution calls for two divisions, Active and Alumni. While the Constitution mandates that the Active Division’s jurisdiction is limited to the daily affairs of our collegiate chapters, the Alumni Division is charged with the responsibility for overseeing all matters concerning Lambda Phi Epsilon. As contemplated by the Constitution, the Alumni Division shall be created subsequent to the Active Division. The Alumni Division of Lambda Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Inc. embarks on a new chapter of LFE history. Starting in 2013, the Alumni Division will begin to create and fill position in its Alumni Division Officer Corps (“Alumni Corps”). The Alumni Corps will make the following three items its priority: (1) increasing communication among alumni around the globe; (2) making LiFElong training the cornerstone of this Fraternity (LiFE Institute); and (3) fostering the establishment of functional Regional Alumni Associations.


There are approximately 10,000 members globally, 9,000 of which are alumni. Each alumnus will spend the last 75 years of his LiFE walking the globe as a brother of Lambda Phi Epsilon. The goal of the Alumni Division is to get every Lambda Phi Epsilon alumnus to embrace the blessing of spending the rest of his life in deep, engaged, and rewarding fellowship with his brothers. Whether it be mentoring undergraduate students, producing local alumni social and professional networking events, or coordinating alumni community service projects, all alumni are encouraged to join their Regional Alumni Association and usher in a new era of their lives.

If you would like to get in contact with local alumni in these areas, please email us at Metropolitan Area go site Contact Person Facebook Group
San Francisco Jason Louie
New York City Wilson Tam
Atlanta Paul Nguyen
Korea Jason Park
Chicago James Hom